I heard about The Beauty Souk from Dimma Umeh’s website. Well, I had been seeing it, but I really paid attention when I read about it on her website.

I looked through their Instagram, just to see what vendors were coming, just so I knew what to expect. I was very happy that Classic USA was a vendor because I had been wanting the Classic liquid lipsticks for a long time. I also really wanted to cop the Chai liquid lipstick by BM Pro.

I had a budget of N10,000 – N15,000. There were also a couple of Master classes but none interested me. Chai liquid lipstick was N8,000 which was above my budget. Welp! It’s amazing though. If you can afford it, you should totally get it.

It was held at Harbour Point, Victoria Island and there was a map and everything. I was very happy with the stuff that I got.

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 2

Hegai and Esther Brow Pomade in Nubian – N2,500

I had seen a couple of people talk about this product, but what had me sold was when my friend Mosun said she has been using it for over a year and had no complaints. I got a full size eye liner pot with my purchase and that made me very very happy.

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 11

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 6

Classic liquid lipsticks – N700 each and Makeup Blender – N500

I had been wanting to try these lipsticks for the longest time. Now that I bought some, I wish I had bought more. The colours that I got were Duke, Wine, VIP and Chocolate. I also got a Matte Lipstick in Coffee.

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 5

Beauty Souk - Cateyes 10

Mary Kay Mascara – N1,000

Does anyone still use Mary Kay? I remember the good old days of Mary Kay and Sleek. My favourite mascara – The Balm Cheater has finished and I needed a quick replacement and this was the cheapest I saw.

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 2

Elf Powder Brush – N1500, LA Girl Concealer – N1,500

 I got a tiny tub of Shea Butter from the stall that I bought the Elf brush and I got an Eye Shadow Trio from LA Girl

Benefit The Porefessional Matte Rescue Invisible Finish Mattifying Gel – about N3,000

I did not buy this at the Beauty souk event but I bought it at Ebeano on the same day. It retails for about 24 pounds but I found it for about N3,000. The thing with Ebeano is that you have to be extremely careful, sometimes a deal like that is too good to be true, and the product might be fake. I googled how to spot real The Porefessional even. I checked and double checked and I was certain it was the real deal.

Cateyes - Beauty Souk 8

Davis eyebrow pencil – N100

 This eyebrow pencil is the whole truth. If you know, you know. I usually buy a lot when I see it because it finishes SO quick.

 Ultimately, I was very happy that I was able to get a lot of stuff and still stick within my budget. The freebies also made me very happy as well. I can not wait to try out these products and give you my review.

Cateyes _Beauty Souk 9

What (Nigerian) make up Brands have you been loving lately? Let me know anything you would like me to try out.


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