Hi Loves,

Welcome to Taking Stock. Taking Stock is a fun, interesting ways to, well, take stock. It is important to take in everything and soak it all in. I will do this on the last day of every month.



Making: Plans. So many big and bold plans for my life. Baby I’ve been making plans…

Cooking: Pasta. It’s so interesting how pasta is my favourite thing to cook and I do not even eat it

Drinking: Apple Cider Vinegar. I have not been eating well in the last 2 weeks. Somedays you eat shawarma at 11pm and the next morning, you begin your day with ACV, it’s called balance.

Reading: Everything Good will Come – Sefi Atta, Committed – Elizabeth Gilbert and God’s Bits of Wood – Ousmane Sembane all at the same time, because why not? God’s bits of wood was actually written in 1960 in French, with the title Les bouts de bois de Dieu. It was translated to English in 1962.

Wanting: A 300 hour long cuddle. Warm, strong arms and Sweater weather type music.

Playing: The soundtracks of Baby Driver and La la Land. My faves. I love both movies like I would love a person. Gentle. Steady and Fierce.

Wasting: No more time hiding from myself and hiding from my truth. It is what it is and I am not ashamed. Not anymore.

Creating: So many new things. I am super excited that I am back blogging again and I cannot wait to share so many new and beautiful things

Enjoying: New things, happy things, sweet things.

Wondering: What things are going to be like in exactly 6 months from now.

Loving: God. In a new, intimate, profound way.

Hoping: That I stay happy and loving and hopeful and open and true.

Marvelling: At how things can change and how your life can be so much different in so little time.

Needing: To learn to trust the process, no matter how slow it seems and no matter how many times it feels like I am going nowhere.

Smelling: Asun. God bless people who surprise other people with asun, just because.

Wearing: My heart on my sleeve.

Noticing: How cold it is. Can I get a warm blanket and the warm, strong arms that I requested earlier?

Knowing: Everything good will come, just like he has promised.

Thinking: About food and food photography.

Feeling: EVERYTHING. My ability to feel so much overwhelms me sometimes. My heart is filled with SO MUCH feeling.

Bookmarking: All the pictures that I love on Instagram. That save feature is EVERYTHING.

Giggling: Because seeing the word giggle makes me giggle.



Photography: Itasoha Akhibi


Love and love.


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